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Who we are and what we offer.

ZamLinker is an online information aggregator linking the people's favorites in one place. 

At ZamLinker we offer information and resources in the following categories:

1. Education

It is your opportunity now to know the latest information about colleges and universities in Zambia including the important information like fees, offered programs and the location of the institution.

Learn about the best universities and programs they offer within Zambia

2. Lifestyle

Giving you the information and new happenings linked to key Zambian people like celebrities lifestyle and also the big fishes of major institutions. The cars, travel behaviors and the lavish lifestyle they live. It is all about the entertainment associated with named people. We expect you enjoy much here 

3. Fashion and Beauty

Simply the outstanding news and blogs about  maintaining your beauty as ever and informing you the new fashion in town  you are eagerly in need to buy and more. read with us the new way to look beautiful and handsome with our best updates on cloths, shoes skin care makeups and more from the best brands and influencers

4. Business

Make some money. We know everyone is interested in making money and here the important businesses updates will be provided so you are  kept up-to-date on inflation, Kwacha gains and more profitable data for boosting your business.

5. Health

Above all health is the most important thing. Agree? anyway, the poor, rich or every circle of humanity needs health that is why even in prisons there are clinics like Lusaka Prisons Health Center, etc. 

Here you will have health tips that improves your health and improves your quality of life. How to prevent diseases, treating some health alments with home remedies and other important things you need to live healthy.You can also watch some videos we linked 


The latest smart phones, computers from the best selling brands will be here everyday. We will update our blog for the best things you need to know about technology. Also the technology outside of computers that includes devices and items that helps us in everyday life example: 

  • Brain-Linked Virtual Reality.
  • Utility Fog. 
  • Space-Based Solar Power. 
  • Mind Uploading. 
  • Weather Control. 
  • Molecular Assemblers. 
  • Geoengineering. 
  • Mind-to-Mind Communication.
  • etc


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Most importantly we thank you for liking ZamLinker

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