What Turns Women On? Six Traits To Turn A Girl On Sexually & Emotionally



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If you want to impress a girl and turn on her interest in you, whether it’s your first conversation or the tenth, there are a few things you should know and follow.

A smile that blinds. They say love is blind. Then, having a dazzling smile is surely a way to blind your woman into falling for you.. You don’t need to have teeth that are perfect; you’ll still snag a few female hearts if you flash a smile or two. Keep your teeth clean, your breath on the fresh side, and your smile will go a long way.

Suit up!. There’s something about a guy who can pull off a nice suit. However, it doesn’t need to be a suit. A man who can pull off a t-shirt and shorts and still look dashing in it is just as hot as a guy in a suit. The trick is in knowing how to dress for the occasion. After all, a suit won’t do you good if you’re going to be spending a day at the beach or on a boat at sea.

A sexy accent. No one can resist a guy with a foreign accent, be it a French one, Scottish, or the good ol’ Southern drawl. There’s something alluring and different about an accent that gets most women hot under the collar.

Talent. Women, like birds, are turned on when they see their man showing off their dancing skills or belting out a song.. You may not be the quarterback or the basketball star, but if you can play an awesome riff on an electric guitar or strike the drums, then women are sure to line up to meet you.

Compliments. Make her feel good by acknowledging or complimenting her. Make sure you give her a smile and a wink she’ll be loving it. Whatever compliment you give, as long as it’s genuine and comes from your heart, she’ll appreciate every word of it! Tell her she looks nice today, compliment her outfit, or better yet, compliment her goals and ambition.

Being listened to. Women like to feel important, so you make her your sole focus when you’re together. Be attentive to what she’s saying and be real about it. No woman wants to get in the bedroom with you if you barely listen to a word she’s saying.

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