The Three Laziest Countries In The World



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There is no laziest country in the world, only lazier countries; There are the laziest rich countries and the laziest poor countries. Is there a laziest continent in the world? Guess which continent it is.

People in some countries are lazy but not poor. Almost everyone is a millionaire. They're too lazy to bend over to pick it up. Some people also think that laziness is not necessarily unhappy, poor a little bit of it doesn't matter, better than overwork. But capitalless laziness may not be all it seems. Indeed, it would be a great misfortune if we worked hard all our lives and got very little.

The fate of the lazy countries is also completely different. Here are the three:

First, Switzerland was rated the laziest and richest country by a famous world magazine. How lazy is it? They don't want to pick it up, and the government doesn't want to take it. More and more Swiss are reluctant to seek work, and those who do work only work a maximum of 1,600 hours a year. Swiss regardless of what business unit, every year at least four to six weeks of vacation, older vacation is even longer. In Switzerland, the annual per capita income is more than $100,000, and even lazy people who do not work can earn $50,000 or $60,000 by the government's subsistence allowance. There is so much money in Switzerland that people can't eat it all on bank interest, and they have so many world famous companies.

In 2013, a group of lazy Swiss (40 percent of the population) suggested the government introduce an "unconditional income" of 2,500 Swiss francs a month, regardless of whether they went to work or not. The Swiss government stuck to it, so they put it to a referendum, and 60 percent of the Swiss voted against it. There is a lively Swiss rich really angry, he took from the bank to 8 million coins with a truck to the Swiss government door to fall, and let people use their hands to pick up, pick up all can, eat melon watching the Swiss grandfather SEVEN EIGHT AUNT eight beautiful women handsome men but no one up to pick up. Their reason: We're not short of money.

No one went to pick it up, because they had enough money)

In 2016, Switzerland's new government suddenly put a referendum on a monthly stipend of 2,500 Swiss francs for every adult, whether they work or not, and 625 Swiss francs for minors. But here's the surprise: 78 percent of Swiss rejected the government's offer. Again, the reason for refusal: we had enough money. The government's universal subsidy program was aborted.  20 Poorest African Countries In 2022

The government has no way, some lawmakers suggested that the government passed a poverty line population must receive government subsidies law. The measure is based on Switzerland's 2015 poverty line: People earning less than 2,219 Swiss francs (about 15,000 yuan) a month must receive a mandatory government subsidy (2,500 Swiss francs a month). Why is that? That's because the average monthly income before tax in 2016 was about 6,500 Swiss francs. If you don't receive government subsidies, you'll break the law. This indirectly realized the "unconditional income" plan proposed by lazy people in 2013. What is it if not a lazy man's paradise? Turns out there really is such a real utopia in the world.

Sure, the Swiss are lazy, but they're lazy in a thoughtful way, and lazy isn't annoying. They're just cute lazy. Don't ask why, because the Swiss were born in the realm of money (banking). The Swiss are the luckiest because their ancestors did the right thing and left them rich. In short, they have the ability to be lazy. They are so lazy that they don't care about money because they really don't need money.

(Nauruans play turtle fishing)

Two, Nauru. This country is literally the laziest country in the world. People here don't work a day since they were born, and spend their days eating, drinking, playing, and lounging around, yet everyone is a millionaire. Why do you have so much money instead of working? Turns out they were born in the right place.

Nauru is known as a guano country. This is a place where seabirds used to gather, so there's a lot of egg guano. Over time, this "waste" becomes a mineral called phosphate, which is very rare in the world and extremely expensive. And Europe and the United States developed countries import a large number of these black dung to raise flowers and plants. Ha ha, this is why the western flowers why so red reason!

Nauru is a place where there are 100 million tons of phosphate deposits, 10 meters thick. Nauru earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year from exporting guano in a country with a population of less than 20,000 people! So, everyone in this country is a billionaire.

Guano wealth allows Nauruans not to worry about work all day long, but to work hard for life. They wake up naturally every day, live happily, and count money as exercise. Nauruans are fat because they don't work and they eat well. But Nauruans are not waiting for their riches to come to nothing. They also understand that these resources will eventually be exhausted, so the government will spend a large chunk of its annual revenue on overseas investment. So money grows, it is said that trillions of dollars have been saved, and Nauru government has already bought a large piece of land in Australia to live in when they can no longer stay on the Pacific island.

Nauruans are indeed the most envied because they grew up sleeping on gold mines. Perhaps heaven thinks they have toiled for thousands of years on isolated islands in the middle of the ocean, and now loves them doubly. Nauru is probably the only country on earth where there is no hierarchy, because the wealth of Nauru is equally distributed.

Their laziness is based on great natural wealth, so you don't have to think too much because we are not Nauru islanders who are born with natural wealth. What we need is to keep fighting, tired can rest, can also complain, but can never stop thinking. When we think about our families, we know what we should do. Of course, rest when you should, relax when you should, after all, feeling happy is the real life. As I like to write articles, I feel that writing down is the greatest pleasure and enjoyment. People are different, countries are different, industrious little bees can also be so sweet life.

(Laos is a country with a strong Buddhist culture)

Third, the laziest poor countries are much more numerous. Laos in Asia, for example, is poor and its people are just getting by (there are a lot of very poor people too). Of course, they also had to do hard farm work almost every day. The so-called laziness in Laos is just a nine-to-five workday with no factory or unit. This laziness is actually the relative freedom of the leisurely and slow way of backward agricultural life. Laos is one of Southeast Asia's scenic purelands, thanks to its lack of industrial pollution, but its poverty is no paradise. Laotian laziness is bitter laziness, mostly because there is no hope and lazy, this kind of laziness is not worthy of envy happiness lazy, this kind of laziness contains a lot of outsiders do not know the tears and blood.

Laos now relies on mountains and rivers for its livelihood, and its tourism industry is increasingly prosperous. However, it is impossible to achieve the goal of enriching the people and making the country stronger by relying on tourism income alone. Of course, the Lao government has been vigorously developing the economy, actively engaged in industrial development, but the family is too thin and still poor and backward. For example, in Cambodia in the 1980s and 1990s, poverty and backwardness were terrible. The country had gone through the Khmer Rouge rule, because poverty made people at all levels vulnerable to hatred. The beauty of poverty is not paradise, it may also be a hidden hell.

The world thinks that the laziest continent is Africa, but Africa's natural conditions are not very good, and the wisdom of the people is not yet fully open, people's life is very bitter, very poor, so not much to say. African laziness is not a blessing, but a human tragedy. When people are really lazy, disasters will follow. Most people in Africa are not as lazy as Switzerland, just like a person who can't open the pot, laziness will make people hungry. Perhaps African laziness is not that people are naturally willing to be lazy, but that they do not have any social basis to get busy. This laziness is just a result of long-term despair!

A bitter tears, the road is not suffering. When you have something to do, you may want to relax. When you really want to do something but have nothing to do, you may want to be busy.

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