10 Rules Of Dating Someone’s Wife: Opinion


 In this article, I have put together 10 rules which I think will help when dating someone's wife.

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1. Never take photos with her.

2. If you call and she hangs up don’t call her again, because the 'hubby' is around.

3. Don’t text her love messages.

4. Satan should not tempt you to sleep at her house even when her hubby is out of the country.

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5. Never book the same lodging every time you go for 'aaah!-eeeeh!-Oooh!'

6. Do not involve your friends or her friends in your relationship.

7. If she calls you, receive but don’t answer fast. Maybe her hubby is the one calling trying to find out, let her talk first.

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8 Don’t call her my wealth, she is a borrowed.

9 If you lack 'diku-diku' and you find yourself at her place, lower the trouser halfway. Don't take out everything in case things go wrong.

10. Stay Away from Someone's wife and find your own.

Am I talking to someone here?

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