7 Secret Places To Touch A Woman To Drive Her Crazy


7 Secrete Places Women Want You To Touch Them

Men are curious to examine the female body's intricate maze of amazingness and its exquisite labyrinth of parts and spaces.

palces to touch a woman

1. Due to the abundance of nerve endings, the ears and earlobes are sensitive. Do not disregard these! She will feel good after receiving kisses and nibbles.

2. The neck, which is delicate to light touching Never use force or grab someone. DON'T leave her with a hickey or let her leave one on you.

3. Lower back — the amazing light touch on the lower back. Blood flow in the lower area will be increased by massaging the lower back.

4. The head and scalp are extremely delicate to light touches.

5. Lips: 100 times as many nerve endings as in the fingers. Don't forget to kiss her and lightly brush her lips.

6. If she has smelly feet, forget it. Give her a hard and firm massage, though, if she is as fresh as a daisy. Apply a small amount of hand cream, but warm it up before contacting her.

7. The inner thighs are prepared and buttery. Kiss, touch, and cuddle up before heading downtown.

There are four main ways to anger a woman.

Feminine flesh is a lethal battleground. If you contact her at just the right time, she will be overjoyed. She can calm her queasy tummy with a little nibble between the ears or a sweep of the finger down the bottoms of her feet.

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1. Her stunning hair length and style.

When interacting with a lady, it is often well-received if you treat her hair with care. There is nothing out of the ordinary about today. When your girlfriend has had enough of her predicament, a gentle touch is all that's required to help her sprout new hair.

2.She has a hearing loss and requires hearing aids.

There are a lot of nerve endings in this tiny area, making it extremely sensitive to touch and maybe accounting for its attractiveness if treated well. In addition, you can ask your partner for assistance by having them gently kiss and bite on you, or by touching the C-shaped pattern of your ear. The climax might benefit from the amplification effects of the introduction as well.

3. The nape of her neck

One common piece of advice given to men is to massage their spouses' necks in order to reduce tension and stress.

4. Her Physique and Appearance

Whether or not your woman uses makeup, you should always treat her as though she were a male. Keep making eye contact and tell her she's always been beautiful in your eyes.

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