6 Things a Man Should Never Do, No Matter How Much He Loves a Woman


Making your woman happy is a fine thing to do as a man, but don't lose yourself or become bankrupt in the process.

Here are 6 things that, unless a lady is your wife, you should never do for her.

1. Pay their school fees:

Some men think of helping their wife or girlfriend through their academic endeavors with the goal of popping the question to her when she graduates.

Unexpected results might have occurred. Never pay for a woman's education unless you are her husband or you wish to support her without seeking a favor or coercing her into being married to you.

It would be nice if you stopped doing these mistakes since, despite all your efforts, people evolve and she might find someone to love in the future.

It does not follow logically from formal education of a woman that she will be capable of marriage.

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2. Commit a crime for them:

If you find it tough to maintain her lifestyle, calling her or backing off is the best line of action. She can be informed that your current financial situation is unbalanced.

Never commit theft to satisfy a woman or to pay for phones, clothes, or other stuff. She must to be aware of the fact that you are now not financially secure if she actually cares about you. Never let a woman convince you to make a decision against your better judgment.

3. Think before you spend, you need to check yourself:

You must first determine if you can perform your wife's request without becoming bankrupt before you execute it.

When your wife requests money, you should be a little selfish with yourself and consider your options before spending.

You can't afford to go hungry or undereat at home just because you want to please your girlfriend, she might not do the same for you if she were you.

4. Forget your dream:

Prior to beginning a relationship, keep in mind who you are. Never let a woman's wishes or happiness force you to forget about your own goals.

If you're not feeling well, that same woman may end the relationship or break up with you. Before chasing women, pursue your dreams. Women will flock to you once your finances are in order. Everyone admires someone who is successful.

5. Disrespect your family:

As a result of their marriage, many men nowadays have a misunderstanding with their family. Never disregard or offend your family when you're in a relationship.

Some women have the ability to convince you that a member of your family is evil and dislikes you as a man. You should proceed with prudence in such instances and never quiet your family. Because they are your only friends, for better or worse.

So, never cut off family ties only to impress or please your lover.

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6. Show her your net worth or total account balance:

You should be aware that your wife—not your girlfriend—is the only person with a legal right to know about your finances.

You need to understand a lady's character in terms of money and what kind of woman she is.

Because they see beautiful money in your account and don't care if you want to use it for a project or not, some women will request more or material stuff.

They do not understand you and are just interested in themselves. If you do not give her the money, she will ruin your relationship or marriage and turn it into a nightmare. Therefore, learn to know your girlfriend well before giving her all of your fortune.

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