5 Sources Of Conflict In Marriages



marriage conflict

In life, love and conflict is part of marriage relationship.

And no one can claim that there is a perfect love without any kind of quarrel. What matters is how the two families can handle it together

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1) SEX

Many marriages are full of strife and woes, while others have packed up because of issues that have to do with za oda room
Issues with
~ Conflicting demands.
One person wants this or that, the other person thinks it’s morally/scripturally wrong or doesn’t like it. E.g Oral Sex
~ Conflicting appetites.
One Person having a high libido (wants sex everyday), and the other having a low libido (and is okay with sex once a month) has sent many marriages packing
~ No Sex/no sexual Satisfaction.
.Due to a spouse with health related sexual problems like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, OR a spouse who is always traveling/busy and never around leaving the other partner sexually frustrated. This has led to many adultery cases.

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You may think you know people, even yourself, till money is introduced into the equation
Money issues in Marriage revolve around
~Stingy Spouses
~Spouses with borrowing/poor money management skills,
~Spouses with integrity issues, no transperancy, lack of trust, reckless spending,
Contrasting GIVING, SAVING and INVESTING attitude give rise to problems in marriage, some Couples have been known to even go as far as poisoning themselves because of Money.

3) IN-LAWS (and other third Parties)

There are good in-laws who will make you bless the day you married their relative. And then there are the others.
~ Especially when a family never wanted their Son or Daughter to marry You
~ Especially when the person you are getting married to is their bread winner, and they still rely heavily on him or her for “survival”
Maturity and Wisdom is needed to handle in-laws, especially problematic ones.
Your Friends and your Family too can damage your Marriage via wrong counsels and unhealthy interference


This has led many a couple to start looking outside their marital space for excitement, leading to extra marital affairs and divorce.
Over Familiarity happens when you begin to get used to your spouse you no longer think, feel or act like they are special and important..


The traditional marriage system once worked (or so we thought), but definitely not anymore.
There is need for wisdom, You must BALANCE your culture and traditional beliefs about Marriage with scripture.
GOD instituted MARRIAGE
MAN instituted TRADITION
Which should you allow to have the final say in your Marriage? Discuss about this areas with the person you intend to get married to during courtship and trash it out. You Prepare for Marriage, You don’t prepare in Marriage.

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