11 Lies You Need To Stop Telling Yourself.


lies to yourself

1. "I'm not ready/good/young/... enough."

- Most of the times we keep telling ourselves.

- Understand, You are enough.

- Keep working to make everything even better, but don't underestimate the strength you already have.

2. I don't have enough time/money.

- It is all about priorities. You spend time/money on your priorities.

- If you think you don't have enough time or money, to reach your goal, you have to revisit your priorities.

3. Someday, i will do this.

- You want to do something, do it right now.

- The way we live and the way we want to live are both very different.

- The resistance of perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of change, stops from being the person you want to be.

4. "I'd like to but..."

- You are limiting yourself from doing what you want or from being the person you want to be, with silly excuses

- Let your mind reframe the same to It going to achieve this, so this wont stop me from reaching my goal.

5. "I don't have the resources I need."

- Time, money, people. Whatever the resource, you likely already have all that you need.

- All of us have the ability to do more with less.

- Bring in your inner energy to boost you forward with the resources you have.

6. "It's too risky."

- Without risk, you will not be able to achieve much in life.

- What happens if i fail? Mostly, the reasons will not be too fearful. The real risk is stagnancy.

7. I don't have a choice.

- You always have a choice, we don't consider our options..

- Consider a third person in that situation, you will be giving them more options.

- Then, try out the same putting yourself in their shoes.

8. If I say this, or do this, people with think I am crazy.

- Nobody cares. Everyone is too caught up with their own life.

- You are good enough to do what you want and say what you think!

9. I'd be happy if I had more money.

- It is a myth. Happiness is not tied to money

- As long as you have money for your necessities, money is not a factor that controls your happiness.

- it is great to have the money to buy things you want. But happiness Does not depend on it.

10. If I could change him/her life would be better.

- No. Just no.

- Ever wondered how tough it is to change yourself even when you want to change? why change someone? accept people as they are.

- If you don't like something about them, move away.

11. There's Always Tomorrow

- No, there isn't always tomorrow.

- If you want to make a change that's going to benefit you, why wait till tomorrow?

- take action, and get going right now on the path before you end up thinking that there's always tomorrow - every single day.

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