Common Reasons Why Men Regret Being In Marriage


 Marriage isn't a bed if roses as most people perceive it and neither is it a smooth sail where there's happiness and merry making.

Many couples encounter lots of challenges and regrets which are masked by little bits of happiness portrayed in public places or around their close friends. 

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Most surprising is that a junk of couples have admitted to having lots of regrets about their marriages or directly about their spouses.

In this article we take a look at some of the the common regrets narrated by married couples.

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Feeling Of 'Variety Lost'

Most married men may be loyal to their wives and family but when talked to keenly, they will admit having admiration for other younger girls or other women close to them.

Talks from such men may depict regrets on why they got married early when they could have just waited upon the mistress they're admiring currently.

The same happens with women, they may at times portray regrets on why they didn't marry the nice guy they are currently fond of outside marriage.

Lack Of Freedom

Most men have complained of never having time to sip a bear with friends after work or on weekends and holidays. They have to rush home, provide company to their wives and also tend to the now growing family with kids around.

This becomes more hectic when you have a nagging wife who always wants you around and believes that everything should be done as one.

This is one of the major reason why most young men will talk of marriage as a way of taking away your freedom. It has made a fraction of men to pledge only to marry at a later age in life and not in their early 20s.

Regret On Ever Having Children.

This regret might seem odd buy trust me it happens on several occasions. It's true that a list of married men regret ever having kids or to be more precise, having several kids.

Such regret talks maybe be due to financial constraints with men wondering how much they would have saved or invested if they had no kids to take care of. Spouses may also regret the amount of time spent on kids and the little troubles that comes with the same.

Not The Right Woman

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This happens to individuals who marry not because that they're fallen in love but because they love the idea of marriage and living a life of marriage. Another reason might be because a guy went for the looks and the desire for intimacy with his current spouse. 

Regrets build over time and such men may start to realize later that this is not the woman meant for them. 

It's evident with most of such marriages always ending up in court and consequently into divorce.

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