Why Do Girls Like To Date Tall Guys?


 Height is a simple yet a controversial dating topic. It's simple because it's a real, unalterable physical trait. You can change your waistline, dye your hair or get colored lenses... Yet science has not been able to discover a way to grow an already -grown adult. It's controversial because there is a perceived value to height. This is especially true in the dating world, where there the perception is that women prefer tall guys. As much as girls like men who are on the taller side, it's never the only characteristics they like. There are plenty more to the guys they choose to date. It just so happens tall guys are specific type that women like.

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This is why majority of women like to date men who are at least a little bit taller than they are.

1 It makes them feel safe

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Dating a taller guy makes girls feel safe. If a guy is tall, he's thought to be more able to protect a woman. He seems stronger and can wrap the girl in his arms and keep her safe. This is desirable for women from an evolutionary standpoint. Women always choose a man who could protect the family and also provide.

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2 It makes them feel feminine

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Many girls want to feel who they are. When a girl knows she is shorter than her boyfriend, she feels that their height difference highlights both of their sexes. Therefore, a girl would prefer to date a tall guy who makes her feel feminine and a bit petite, thus making her more confident. It's the responsibility of a man to make sure his woman feel appreciated and boost her confidence and so it's not just his height that can make her feel energised.

3 Tall guys are considered more confident

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Short guys will, of course, oppose this, and it's not written in stone, but the truth is most tall guys are confident. On the other hand, short guys likely to suffer from low self esteem because they feel like their height is a disadvantage unlike taller guys. Furthermore, tall guys are dominating the dating sites because they are aware girls prefer them. That confidence immediately manifests itself when a guy meets a girl. Girls are attracted to confident guys, and since taller men have lots of it, they get more attention.

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4 Tall guys seems more masculine

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This is obviously false, but it's a reason women tend to prefer tall guys. A lot of girls look at a tall guy and think he's more masculine. The taller the guy the manlier he is. That's how it seems and that's usually the first impression women get. But girls who really like manly guys they will be more likely to go for the taller man they see. They equate their manliness with their height and it's why they like taller guys.

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5 Tall guys are seen more powerful

We're all attracted to power. By physically looking up to a guy, he seems like he holds more authority. This probably isn't something we notice consciously but it does make a difference. When a person has a more powerful position, or seems in charge, it's more attractive. We're naturally drawn to these types of people because because they are often more confident. Anyone who seems powerful is desirable by women in most cases. It just so happens tall men seem more attractive.

6 They like being able to wear heels

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Some girls would prefer flat shoes while others prefer heels. It likely depends on the occasion, but in most cases, heels fit the bill. There are girls who are a little taller, and love heels and the only way a tall lady would want to see her man shorter than her is probably from a balcony. In short, she wants a taller guy, even when wearing heels.

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