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 Two guys went hunting in the thick bushes of Petauke chief kalindawalo's area. After spending 6 hours in the bush they decided to go back home but unfortunately the guy who was in front could not see the partially hidden ditch and he fell in. The ditch was about 10 meters deep with a diameter of 3 meters. The friend was so worried and he asked if the victim was safe to which  he replied yes since it was empty.

 After trying to rescue him out of the well he exhausted his energy and ideas. Later he told the victim friend to remain calm so he should go home and ask people for help. Just few minutes when he left the scene a big snake went straight into the well, upon seeing the snake the guy gathered all his energy and managed  to escape the well despite failing in the first place before the snake got in. Surprisingly the friend who went to look for help from people found him outside and he asked how he managed to escape, the guy answered '' mwenze mwangena njoka, the snake just came in and was scared". 

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