3 Signs That Show You Have Too Much Cholesterol In Your Body



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It's not good to have excess cholesterol in the body. According to Healthline, it will cause blockages in your arteries, which will lead to many health conditions.

It can cause heart attacks and hypertension. It can prevent oxygen from being supplied to the brain and make someone have a stroke. It can cause a lot of health problems. Cholesterol is not useless to the body.

too much cholesterolView pictures in App save up to 80% data.It is produced by our livers and is needed to make our cell membranes form, synthesize vitamin D, and for hormonal functions in the body. You need some amount of cholesterol to move around in your bloodstream. This is known as the "good cholesterol."

Bad cholesterol is the one that clogs the arteries and causes cardiovascular problems. If your good cholesterol is too low and your bad cholesterol is too high, fat will build up inside your arteries.

heart problemsView pictures in App save up to 80% data.This will make it hard for your circulatory system to move nutrients and oxygen to important parts of your body. The following are signs that show you have too much cholesterol in your body:

1. You start feeling symptoms of a heart attack. Sometimes you find it difficult to take a deep breath and you feel chest pain. This happens when the heart is not functioning properly again due to the buildup of bad cholesterol in the arteries.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.2. Your blood pressure will rise because your arteries have been narrowed by the buildup of bad cholesterol. Your heart is unable to freely pump blood the way it should. Your heart is exerting too much pressure to pump blood, and your blood pressure is rising.

3. You will develop a skin problem, especially on your neck, eyelids, and back. You will see abnormal yellow nodules in these places. This is a sign of a malfunction in the cholesterol metabolism in your body.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.You need to balance your body's cholesterol so that it doesn't affect the supply of oxygen to your brain. When oxygen does not get to the brain, this can cause a stroke, a health condition where one part of the body is paralyzed.

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