The Reason Men Fall Asleep After Sleeping With You


 The next time your man does not engage in afterplay or falls asleep after intercourse, don't take it personally because there is a scientific explanation for it. This behavior is being displayed for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with your relationship, his feelings for you, or how he performs in bed.

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Why does he do it, then?

So why does he act in that way? Health specialists assert that a man's body chemistry alters as soon as he experiences climax. His tendency to fall asleep following an intimate encounter is caused by the biochemical prolactin being released, which makes him weary.

DO WOMEN ALSO SLEEP AFTER Physical intimacy?

Women typically don't experience this, even if they reach fulfillment. Women enjoy engaging in post-intercourse hugging, tenderness, and conversation while still feeling semi aroused. Men (but not women) are more likely to sleep after intercourse because exercise and exhaustion tend to limit the amount of energy-producing glycogen in muscles during and after climax. Women don't feel as lethargic after intercourse since they have less muscle mass.

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THE "FEEL-GOOD" HORMONE: Intercourse relaxes you and releases the oxytocin hormone. This hormone helps you fall asleep more easily by reducing worry and anxious thoughts. Women experience the same thing, but their feeling of semi-awakeness encourages them to continue being active for a while.

THE TRIFECTA EFFECT: It's possible that having intercourse in the dark will make you feel less anxious and stressed. Your body receives a signal from darkness that it is time to go to bed, and the melatonin hormone starts your sleep cycle. Melatonin, oxytocin, and prolactin work together flawlessly to promote sleep.

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