The 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes Ever Sold



When it comes to sports shoes of all disciplines and leisure footwear, Nike has been the brainchild behind manufacturing these shoes and sponsoring quite many celebrated athletes in the World. For many years it has been a worthy competitor like Adidas and Puma in revenue generation for the yearly sales as one of the most popular shoe manufacturers globally. This brand is known everywhere that it’s not a surprise that even most of the expensive shoes in the World come from their factory. The fascination that their collection of shoes brings to people of all walks of life is impressive, going by showcasing their expensive shoes by athletes and famous people. This article guides 10 of the most expensive Nike shoes ever sold.

Nike SB Dunk High 42010. Nike SB Dunk High 420 ($4,000)

In partnership with Air Jordan, Nike Air Max has brought about the recent revival of SB Dunks in the market. The pair, known for skateboarding, has now become casual streetwear. In April 2020, the Familia Skateshop based in Minneapolis worked in partnership with Nike to produce the Dunk SB High 420. The number 420 symbolizes the release date and the number of pairs made. This sneaker version succeeds the 2016 SB Dunk Skunk and comes in green and purple colorway.

Nike Dunk Low x Travis Scott x PlayStation

9. Nike Dunk Low x Travis Scott x PlayStation ($5,000)

When these shoe collections were released in 2019, they made Travis Scott’s business experience tremendous growth. Scott partnered with Nike to release these sneakers in tribute to the highly anticipated PlayStation 5, which was about to hit the market. The shoe design comes with a gray and white colorway that resonates with the PlayStation 1. It also features the PlayStation branding of the Japanese style at the lateral shoe heel. Although the deal between Nike and Scott was to discharge only five pairs. It is believed that Sony employees have since been gifted with more pairs of the same which are retailing for around $5,000.

nike air force

8. Vlone x Nike Air Force One High ($8,000)

Vlone label is known for designing some of the best streetwear loved by many. The brand decided to partner with Nike to produce the most expensive Air Force One in the market to date. These top-of-the-range sneakers have a black colorway. The red and yellow accents represent the Vlone branding on them. The two companies only released 20 pairs of shoes which were auctioned in Paris. Currently, a couple of these shoes are valued at $8,000.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore

7. Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore ($18,000)

The Air Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore succeeded the 2015 version of the Air Jordan 4 Eminem Carharrt sneakers. These expensive sneakers were released back in 2017 to continue the partnership between Jordan and Eminem. According to FashionBeans, the pair made available for sale were limited as the agreement was only to create 23 pairs of the sneakers. They did a raffle, and the sales proceeds were all going to the Marshall Mathers Foundation. Currently, the shoe is valued at $18,000.

Air Jordan Silver Autographed Shoe

6. Air Jordan Silver Autographed Shoe ($60,000)

The original pair of these shoes was a birthday gift to Jordan by his wife when he turned 32 years. The same type of shoes that were made of sterling silver became available to the market but in limited pairs. The pairs which were made available come with Jordan’s signature for a price of $60,000.

Nike Air Jordan 12

5. Nike Air Jordan 12($104,765)

This pair of Michael Jordan sneakers was first worn back in 1997 in an infamous game that was called “flue game,” as the nickname goes, Jordan played in them despite nursing flu and scored 38 points. At the end of that game, Jordan gifted them to a ball boy who sold them in 2013 for $104,765. The Nike design is one of the rarest pairs you will find on the planet, which were the most expensive at some point in the World.

Nike Mag self-lacing pair of training shoes

4. Nike Mag self-lacing pair of training shoes ($200,000)

This pair of trainers was inspired by the pair that was worn by Marty McFly in the movie ‘Back to the Future II.’ According to SuccessStory, this pair caused a stir worldwide when it was finally released in 2016,27, years after the movie came out. The exciting part about them was that they could fit properly on the feet due to the self-lacing technology used to make them. Michael Jordan Fox Foundation sold them for $200,000 in November 2016.

Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe

3. Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe” ($437,500)

Nikes Waffle Racing Flat shoes take third sport in this round-up. Nike invented this pair of shoes in 1972. They became famous because they were used by Oregon track coach and Bill Bowerman, Nike co-founder. Bill poured rubber onto the boots, which shifted the waffle iron landscape. In July 2019, a pair of this original racing flat shoe was auctioned off for $437,500. The lucky buyer was a gentleman called Miles Spencer Nadal, who acquired them to place them at an automobile Museum he owns in Toronto.

Nike Air Jordan 1s

2. Nike Air Jordan 1s ($560,000)

This is another Nike shoe that was designed for Michael Jordan during his supremacy days on the court. Jordan first played with them in 1985. They were custom-made for him, and people remember them because the part was mismatched in size according to Jordan’s requirement. The left side was 13, and the right one was slightly bigger with a size of 13.5. In 2020, this Nike Air Jordan pair was auctioned off online, and the winning bid was $560,000, which was five times higher than the organizers expected.

Solid Gold Ovo X Air Jordan

1. Solid Gold Ovo X Air Jordan ($2 million)

Rapper Drake is responsible for this memorabilia shoe which was custom-made for him. They become the most expensive pair of shoes from the Nike collection in the World and the highest type of bringing one can showcase. According to Expensive World, the designer behind them was an artist called Matthew Senna. The shoe appears more like a statue instead of authentic shoes. They have not been sold to anyone else as, technically, they are not wearable.


These Nike shoes are the most mind-blowing pairs you will find in the market for top dollar. It is clear that Nike’s everlasting slogan appeals to top athletes in the World and collectors who will not hesitate to buy sneakers from the brand no matter the price.


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