Marry A Man That Treats You In These 10 Ways



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Marriage can be sweet if you marry the perfect man. always remember that when it comes to marriage, don't marry your father, your father is that man who will always be see you like his child. Marry a friend who you can be free to talk to when needed.

Below are 10 things to always consider when you are choosing a man for marriage!

1. Marry a man who sees you as his equal yet your head. That is a sign that you have the right man in your life. because a man who sees you as his equal will always respect you and treat well. Read also : Reason Men Sleep After Making Love With You

2. Marry a man who values your presence, words and vision. any man that respect your vision and words will never treat you like his house mate. a man that consider your opinion in his life will be a good husband.

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3. Marry a man who sees you as his greatest treasure, source of joy and his jewel of inestimable value. do not play games with a man treasures you even if he doesn't have money marry him because you will have happiness.

4.Marry a man who can relax around you. any man that is very ok with you marry him. any man who loves everything about you and is happy staying with you even when you know that you are not perfect marry him.

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5. Marry a man who can lovingly provide leadership in the relationship. it is very important to marry a man who can led you not a man you led, marrying a that led you will always protect you.

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6. Marry a man who can laugh and play with you. a man that can keep you laughing will keep you healthy! that is a good husband and can also be better father.

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7. Marry a man who you will build not just a family but a home together. it is very important to build than to enter a house that is already built. your foundation is very important don't just marry because he is stable.

8. Marry a man who will help you build a closer and stronger foundation with your Creator. Marry a man that fear and respect God, not a man treat God like nothing. there is a lot to gain when you marry a Godfearing man.

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9. Marry God's will for your life. don't marry before remembering God that is why many ladies regret after marriage because they allow after things the eyes likes.

10. Marry your best friend. When it comes to marriage marry that man who is more to you like a friend, not the one you fears like a Father. don't marry your father, marry a friend!

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