5 Lesbian Couples Time Forgot


 Yes, everyone is familiar with Portia and Ellen. But there are probably a lot more amazing partnerships out there that you were either unaware of, completely forgot about, or only dimly remember. THIS HEROIC STORY IS IMPORTANT.

5 Lesbian Couples Time Forgot *indicates that one of the couple members has declined to formally acknowledge their union

1. Alice Walker and Tracy Chapman

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Midway through the 1990s, the great Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, and the brilliant but reserved singer Tracy Chapman began dating. Walker discussed the connection with The Guardian in 2006:

2. Alexandra Hedison & Ellen Degeneres

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After Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche split up in 2000, Alexandra Hedison met Ellen through mutual acquaintances before starting to play with knives with Helena Peabody. Hedison's main line of work is photography, despite the fact that she was a cast member of The L Word and had small roles in Lois & Clark, Melrose Place, Nash Bridges, and L.A. Firefighters. In the Dog House, an animated movie, and The Making of Suit Yourself, a documentary, were both directed by her. Heddison moved out of Ellen's Hollywood Hills house after they split up in December 2004, and a "source close to the pair" told The New York Daily News that "it's difficult for both of them and very painful at the same time.

"3. 3Jenny Shimizu & Ione Skye

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transgender actress When Ione Skye (well known for her work in Say Anything) and Jenny Shimizu first met on the set of Quentin Tarantino's film Four Rooms, Skye's seven-year marriage to Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz was in the process of disintegrating into a million small pieces. It was said that Skye said, "I think I was simply hoping for love.

4. Jennifer Baumgardner & Amy Ray

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Jennifer Baumgardner is a well-known third-wave feminist activist, a prolific journalist, the former editor of Ms., and the author of Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism.

and Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics, who from 1997 to 2002 dated Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls! Currently, Baumgardner, her husband Michael, and their two sons reside in New York, while Amy Ray has been seeing a woman in Seattle for the past ten years.

5. Sandra Bernhard & Patricia Velásquez

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The print and runway work of Venezuelan actress and model Patricia Velásquez—who has also appeared in multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions—as well as her portrayal of Anck-Su-Namun in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns—are her most well-known accomplishments. You might recognize her from The L Word (she played Begoa, the actress portraying Marina/Karina in Lez Girls) and Arrested Development (she was the second actor to play Colombian soap opera star Marta Estrella).

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