Lazy Hunter and The Cheetah


lazy hunter story

Long ago, a wicked and lazy hunter sat under a tree. He was hungry, but did not want to be bothered to find food. Below him on the grassy field, there were robust springbok grazing. Our friend, the hunter did nothing, he only watched the animals as they fed, wishing he could have meat without working for it.

Suddenly he noticed the movement of a female cheetah seeking food. She singled out a springbok who had foolishly wandered away from the rest. Suddenly she gathered her long legs under her and sprang forward.

With great speed, she came upon the springbok and brought it down. Startled, the rest of the herd raced away as the cheetah attacked her prey.

The hunter watched as the cheetah dragged her prize to some shade on the edge of the clearing. There, three beautiful cheetah cubs were waiting for her. The lazy hunter was filled with envy for the cubs and wished that he could have such a good hunter provide for him.

Then he had a wicked idea. He decided that he would steal one of the cheetah cubs and train it to hunt for him. He decided to wait until the mother cheetah left the vicinity to make his move. He smiled to himself, feeling like a genius.

When the sun began to set, the cheetah hid her cubs in a bush and set off to the waterhole. The hunter quickly grabbed his spear and trotted down to the bushes where the cubs were hidden. There he found the three cubs, still too young to be frightened of him or to run away.

First, he chose one, then decided upon another, and then changed his mind again. Finally he decided to steal all three cubs, thinking to himself that he would do better to keep them all.

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