Jacob, Boss, Maid and The Madam Joke



maid and boss joke

A certain couple employed a garden boy and a maid. Each time the wife goes out for business tour the boss used to sleep with a maid and it made a garden boy (Jacob) feel jealous as he would do his best to win the maid's heart but to no avail.

There was a day he could not hold his anger the garden boy started drinking his boss's wine usually kept in the fridge. One day the boss discovered about it and the only suspect was Jacob the garden boy. With a continuous anger Jacob was not in good terms with his male boss rather he used to like the madam so much.

Came another day the boss was sited with his madam in the sitting room while Jacob was in the kitchen. The boss with his angry voice shouted asking Jacob " Jacob who drunk my wine in the fridge!? Jacob did not answer. He repeated Jacob! am saying who drunk my wine in the fridge? Jacob still kept quite, instead he left the kitchen and went to the sitting room where his boss and the madam were sited. Upon seeing Jacob the boss asked him why he never answered my his question. Jacob answered and said, Boss when you are in the kitchen you can not hear anything and you can prove me wrong if you can. The boss angrily went to the kitchen with an intention to prove Jacob wrong. So Jacob shouted, Boss! who sleeps with the maid when madam is not around? He repeated the question but the boss could not answer and he came back telling them that indeed it is true when you are in the kitchen you cannot hear anything.

Now comment below what you think happened to both workers and the marriage.

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  1. Kkk. The boss went into polygamy and Jacob was fired I guess. So funny

    1. Boss lady can’t marry a poor Jacob I guess

  2. Marriage divorced and the boss married the maid . 😂😂

  3. Total drama infact Jacob married the madam to revenge kkkk😜

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