Impwa making Jim to lose appetite Joke


Impwa jokes

Drama as Doctor , child (Jim) and mother coordinates to find out the child’s diagnosis

Doctor: what’s the problem with the child

Mother: my child has no appetite and losing weight.

Doctor: since when has the appetite of your child lost.

Mother: it’s been 2 weeks now please I need your help.

Doctor: hey Jim, why don’t you eat these days your mum is worried ?

Child “Jim” : doctor mum cooks impwa most of the time so I don’t like it. And also she refuses me to eat from my friend’s home so that’s why am loosing weight.

Mother: angrily… can you shut up Jim. what’s wrong with you?

Doctor: well am happy Jim has told you the cause of his problem.

Mother : so what’s the medication to his loss of appetite, doctor?

Doctor: stop cooking impwa.

Give him meat and sausages every after 2 days once or twice a day okay? We don’t solve economical problems here .

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  1. 😂 lol. This is so serious. The Jim boy is so stubborn

  2. This child can make u feel as if u are a poor parent seriously 😳 kkk

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