Five Health Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

Everyone knows that drinking beer will make you very happy, but it also has additional benefits!
1. A study on the impact of beer on heart health was undertaken back in 2012. The outcome? It could even be beneficial for you!


A daily intake of 1.5–2 drinks (let's say two) reduces the chance of having a heart attack. Beer is a wonderful choice for people who already have cardiac problems as well. If they drank alcohol regularly, those who had previously suffered a heart attack survived for more than twenty years.

2. Beer Is Nutritious

That is to say, beer is higher in protein and vitamin B than wine, which makes it more nutrient-dense than wine. This is true, according to study that was published in the American Journal of Medical Sciences. Beer's antioxidants aid in your defense against a variety of illnesses. What wonderful news!

3. Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

In addition to improving heart health, consuming ale lowers the chance of developing diabetes. A study involving more than 70,000 adults found that those who consume 14 or more drinks per week have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

4. Stronger Bones

We've all heard that milk is healthy for our bones, but beer is also beneficial for your bones. It turns out that beer and milk both affect your bones in the same way. This is as a result of silicon being a crucial component of stronger bones. These are present in many different meals, including cereals, green beans, and... beer!

5. Beautiful Smile

The value of a cool beer is never mentioned by dentists, who instead highlight the advantages of brushing and flossing. A recent study found that beer, even the mildest kind, is good for your teeth. It is essential for getting rid of the germs that cause irritation and cavities.

In conclusion, a glass of beer is perfectly OK. Don't forget to indulge yourself this weekend. Warmest regards for continued health.

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