Ben Lombe Net Worth and His Hair Salon

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"You look nice my daring" Here we will talk about Ben Lombe net worth and general career as hair dresser. Who is ben lombe and who is his girlfriend? Keep reading this interesting article.

Ben Lombe popularly known as Queen B Is a hair dresser aged 23, who is well prominent in Lusaka Zambia for his great hair styling. Most people like ben Lombe and according to some of his clients says queen B is good at his job. He makes Zambian women especially Lusaka look beautiful. Queen b is currently one of the best male hair stylists in town. Ben Lombe is known for his hair dressing business whose adverts are trending on Facebook videos especially when commending his clients with ''You look beautiful my daring'' some of you can relate this. He most of the time speak Bemba when working on the hair issues.

His Net worth

Net worth: K1m to k3m, Brand net worth: between K15m to K50m. If an investor went in and used his brand to open several outlets in every city, the present value of all the profits to be made over the infinity number of years is the brand value.
Preferred language: Bemba
Known for: Hair styling and make up

Some Source Said about ben Lombe

Our interests is the value he generates to the community. He is one of the significant tax payers and also provides employments to others.
Ben Lombe has shown that originality and creativity is key to success. He ventured into an existing very competive industry with a different way of doing the business. He ensured that he provided the best customer service and also provided a premium service that has attracted the likes of the First Lady.
If Ben Lombe did not provide the servjces he is providing, there is no doubt that another participants would have done so. Such participants could even have been from another country and Zambians would have been complaining.
Ben Lombe has shown that school isn’t a barrier to success. He has succeeded where others have failed. He is not embarrassed to admit that he can’t speak English. He is not embarrassed to also state that he works in an industry which has been predominantly women only industry. He has also raised the standards in the industry.

What Ben Lombe Believes in

To the young ones, be creative, don’t just copy what others are doing. Do it different. Show the reasons why customers should come to you and not your competitors. Remember the case of shop rite and Pick n pay. Both try to show the reasons why customers should shop from them. Pick n pay has even gone deep into compounds to convince people that they don’t have to commute for a hour to do the shopping. Shop rite on the other hand has continued to brag that shopping shouldn’t be expensive.

Ben's Girlfriend

We may have heard about the issues of gay and the like but it seems that is not what he is. Ben Lombe got interviewed on TV and denied being gay and further stated that he has a girlfriend. His personality makes him money as it is a mode of advertising to reach out to his potential customers. We are yet to tell you who ben girlfriend is in the next few days. Just keep visiting for updates about queen-b

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  1. Mhmm is Ben limbs gay or what tell the truth people.

  2. Ben is good at his job. You just look down on people and judge but he is making a living by so doing. Look the thing is mind your own business you who are talking bad about him

  3. Well said about queen b. The guy is good indeed

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