9 Ways Girls Trick Men To Spend Money On Them


 Girls are incredibly cunning; they employ a variety of ruses to get guys to part with cash.

 Here are 9 methods used by women:

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1. She begins by outlining her standards.

When she realizes she has you and you are totally in love with her. The list of things to do to make her happy then appears. Frequently a pricey list... and you realize your predicament.

#2 Sudden outbursts of affection.

You never know if it will return or when it will come. Even if you don't know what caused it, you strive to figure it out since you believe that doing so more frequently will make her like you.   Read also: 6 big lies men use to get a woman open her legs

#3 makes her demand after putting you in a nice mood.

When everything finally seems to be going well, you know it. She grins at you while you converse, and you have a good conversation. then talks to you about the handbag she wants. Naturally, the man considers, "Crap, things are going fine. I don't want to sour the moment.

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#4 Expressing her desire for what she wants in her speech.

Perhaps she doesn't employ Trick #3. Instead, she talks longingly about what she wants, which makes the guy imagine how happy he would make her by obtaining it.

5. The phrase "If someone can bring me that, I'll love him forever" is used.

Oh wow, this one is deadly. This confirms what the guy was already thinking, only she said it out loud.

6. Attacks your sense of manhood

by describing to the guy (in a deceptive manner) what a "genuine man" does to appease ladies.

7. discusses other guys in front of you.

Jealousy is a very potent emotion. She creates a sense of competitiveness that someone needs to overcome by talking positively about other guys.

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#8. Ending every conversation with you after no progress has been made.

If she is the sought-after HOT sort of lady, the guy will reflect on how things could have been done differently every time he returns home. Like a post-game evaluation in athletics, and strive to win her over more the next time they speak.

#9 Begin with simple demands and work your way up to larger ones.

Basically, it involves dedication and reliability. Even if she asks for a little more, after you've done a small favor, you're likely to do the next one as well. We are creatures of habit. Once someone develops a behavior pattern, they will continue to do it. Saying "no" the next time she asks will be more difficult if you give in to her requests.

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