6 Reasons Why Somalis Rarely Marry Non-Somalis



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By Muriuki, A.

I do not know whether you are aware, but have you ever heard that Somalis strongly disapprove of marrying outside of their ethnic group? Of course, there are occasional instances in which the opposite occurs, but this is not a typical occurrence.

This post will attempt to explain why this is the case, so that you do not feel so awful if a Fatuma woman rejects your approaches.

1.Ethnic pride' One.

of the reasons why Somalis do not marry outside of their tribe is pride. Somalis are extremely proud of their history, culture, religion, and appearance, and loathe "contaminating" it with foreigners.

This superiority complex might make it difficult for a Somali parent to welcome a non-Somali into the family, as they may believe that the outsider is unworthy of having their daughter. In addition, many Somalis want their children and grandchildren to appear Somali.

2.Conservatism in Society

Many Somalis continue to be conservative and culturally rooted. Culture plays a crucial role in their daily lives.

Marriage to a fellow Somali is so rooted in their society that interracial unions are uncommon and hence frowned upon. 

They prefer to socialize with people who are familiar with their culture, language, and philosophy and who, more significantly, can instill the same values in their children.


Somalis are extremely pious Muslims. In general, Muslims are prohibited from marrying non-Muslims.

4.Lack of knowledge.

Somalis continue to find the idea of marrying a non-Somali alien appealing. As a result, when people experience or watch it, it often comes as a huge surprise to them. It's known as the dread of the unknown. However, this misunderstanding is diminishing, particularly among Somalis residing in western nations where interracial marriages, particularly between white men and Somali women, are growing more prevalent.

5.Somali phenotype.

The Somali phenotype is extremely fragile and can readily vanish upon contact with other racial traits. For instance, if a white person has a child with a Somali background, the child may appear fully white.

If enough Somalis married non-Somalis, the Somali ethnic group as we know it would vanish entirely. Already, this has occurred frequently in Kenya. For example, the Rendille are thought to be Somalis who communicated with Nilotic speakers.

They became integrated and lost their Somali culture and appearance over time.

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