3 Reasons Some Men Die When Making Love


 Death during intercourse is rare, but it does happen because of certain health problems. When a woman gets married, her main goal is to get pregnant soon after. They must be having intimacy to make this happen. Both of the people who were involved in this process worked very hard to get their replication process to work well.

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According to "Healthline", Blood pressure may rise because of the high amount of energy used during intercourse, and some health problems, such as heart attacks, may happen. If someone passes out while having intimacy, I'll go over the different reasons why they do it. To understand why, here are a few:

Plaques in the arteries.

This happens because your arteries have a lot of fat in them. People who have this happen slow down the rate at which blood moves from their heart to the rest of their bodies. During intercourse, blood pressure will rise, which will cause a blood clot.

Taking drugs that aren't supposed to be in your body.

Cocaine, Indian hemp, and marijuana should not be taken before having intimacy. Some people use it to boost their strength and ease their pain. These are strong drugs that may cut off the flow of blood to your brain, which could cause a brain clot. This could lead to an early death.

The heart stops.

This is yet another reason why people die when they have intimacy. When your blood pressure is too high, your heart can't get the blood it needs. You will go into cardiac arrest, which means your heart will stop working and you will be unconscious.

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Taking erectile dysfunction drugs.

Men with erectile dysfunction (bending of the private organs) usually take drugs before they do anything to improve their performance and ease their pain. This is not the case with these medications, which lower blood pressure to cut down on blood flow. This could cause low blood flow to your brain and other important parts of your body, which could lead to death.

A blood clot in the subarachnoid space.

This is caused by the swelling of blood vessels in the brain. In this case, the blood vessels that support them burst, which led to unconsciousness and death quickly, because they were bulging.


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