13 Things You Must Never Do After Break Up



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Break ups are really hard. It shakes you completely. Some handle it wisely while some get worse by the breakup. In this particular write-up, we shall look at few things that you should not do after break ups. Read also: 10 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You

Never leak or share nudes of your ex with anyone, just delete them and move on. 

Never become “friend” of your ex after breakup. It will make things difficult for you to move on in your life.

Never try to defame your ex in front of your friends. Respect the personal moments you both have shared with each other.

Don’t listen to sad songs. It will make you miss your ex even more. Listen some motivational songs, motivational videos but don’t depend on that motivational things for a long because those things will not motivate you after some time. So find your own motivation.

Don’t skip your studies. Just think for a minute, if your ex meets you after 5 or 10 years it should not be you who will regret, it should be her who should regret that she left you. So study well and build your career.

Don’t do drugs. It is the worst thing one can do.

Don’t be abusive with anyone. Not with friends, not with family, not with anyone. Try spending more time with friends and family, they are the ones who will help you in your bad time.

Don’t stalk her. Why to stalk someone when they left you when you needed them the most. Always remember its their loss, not yours.

Don’t waste your time on crying like child. Your ex is smiling with someone else. And you too deserve that smile.

Don’t even think that you will never get someone like him or her. You are going to meet someone who is way better than him or her in every thing.

Don’t keep chat history in whatsapp, don’t keep her photos in your phone. There is no use of watching at something that is not yours. So delete those things without wasting a second.

Don’t waste your time thinking about him or her all the day. Spend your time wisely, spend that into something productive and helpful so that it would help you to build your personality. 

Don't Feel desperate and empty. It's good that he/she breakup with you. Imagine, what if the same thing happened after marriage? It's good, it end in an earlier stage. 

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