5 Ways To Attract Men If You Are A Woman


1. Be a woman and act feminine

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If there is one thing that men don't like is when a woman takes the position of a man. To some extent, the man's ego is destroyed. Their desire and passion for you is likely going to fade when you start 'being the man's. Be feminine and shine in your femininity.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Be the soft woman and show your vulnerability in his eyes. Men love to feel like men in the relationship, they want to be protectors, providers and initiators. When this happens, the 

man is predisposed to treating the woman as queen.

2. Don't settle for less and set the standard high

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There should be a standard in which every woman wants to be treated. Many at times, the perception you have for yourself tends tends to affect the way people around you will treat you. A woman who speaks out anytime the feel something is but right will be respected by any man. As a woman, don't settle for less, value yourself and men will see the value and the substance in you and that will determine how they are going to treat you as a woman.

3. Let the man see your inner beauty

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When a man is serious about a relationship, they will not just stop at what they see from the outside. There is more than meets the eyes when it comes to selecting a woman. Whatever is in your heart will also capture the man's attention. From the way you speak, a man can see what is in the heart of man. Be kind, be generous and that will definitely capture a man's heart.

4. Have a stand you can't compromise

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This is one thing that men are attracted to. They want to see a woman that is firm in hee convictions and is not ready to compromise any of that. Let the man see your stand on various matters. Let them not rush you even when it comes to sex and other things, if you can compromise your convictions because of the man, it can be a red flag. This is actually an irresistible quality and any man will got for this kind of man.

5. Don't show desperation

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Don't be the desperate kind of woman who is just thinking of settling down with anyone just because time is running out. Don't just do anything to please a man because you are a desperate kind of woman. Don't show desperation, carry yourself as a woman of substance and and a man will see the substance in you.

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