Health benefits of Kigelia Africana(suusage tree)



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The Kigelia africana is a medical Tree found throughout tropical Africa, and there are local names for the plant among the several hundred tribes. In Zambia it is called Mvungula

Kigelia Africana is a very useful tree which penetrate the markets of EUROPE. For example, Malawi cultivating and exporting tonnes of Kigelia Africana to Europe and the country is getting Millions of Dollars annually.

Kigelia africana includes a strong aphrodisiac impact. Numerous dosages of Kigelia africana infusion were reported to show a substantial gain in the
= sperm count,
= testicular weight,
= testosterone levels.

follicle-stimulating hormone equally independently and as a treatment to stop cisplatin-induced irreparable harm.
However, the 100mg/kg dose of Kigelia africana infusion was effective in improving the parameters listed compared to 500mg/kg dose.

Kigelia africana stem bark decoction has been used as an aphrodisiac and for the treatment of kidney diseases,
= solar keratosis
= diarrhea,
= coughs,
= inflammation.

Kigelia africana bark is decocted and administered as an abortifacient. Historically, Kigelia africana is a real solution for penis enlargement, actually referred to as the topmost used in Zimbabwe. Tribes also used Kigelia africana for sexual complaints such as
= infertility,
= poor libido,
= sexual asthenia,
= impotence.
= penis enlargement
= breasts enlargement
= breasts fiming
= hips enlargement
= blocked fallopian tubes
= ovarian cysts
= breast cancer
= hotness in women

The stem bark of the sausage tree has been used by traditional healers to treat health complications like hydrocele (elephantiasis of the scrotum)

Kigelia africana root is a remedy for
= boils,
= sore throat,
= constipation,
= tapeworm infestation.

I recommend adding Kigelia africana powder into clay and using it as a mask. Also, you can make an infusion, allow it to cool off, strain, and rinse your hair and face in the shower or drink it.
Kigelia Africana Extract Pre Workout
The stem bark hot water extract of Kigelia africana can be seen in some pre-workout supplements as a stimulant. This could be due to study that reported Kigelia africana could be a potential central nervous system stimulant.
One other property that could potentially benefit athletic performance is the analgesic (painkiller) effect. Kigelia Africana is more powerful that paracetamol in pain killing.


In cosmetics, Kigelia africana (Sausage tree) has been evaluated for their ability to heal damaged skin and various dermatological conditions. A topical preparation containing Kigelia africana is used to
= remove sunspots on the face and hands, “solar keratosis.” Several patents have been granted for the use of Kigelia africana wholesome extracts as
= anti-wrinkling agents
= skin lightening
= general skin rejuvenation.

A Kigelia africana wholesome fruit extract is useful to develop the bust and the stability of breast collagen fibers.


In folk medicine, Kigelia africana can be used for kidney and prostate disorders. Kigelia africana aqueous bark extract. Various concentrations of the infusion, 250 and 500mg/kg, were orally treated, and urine output was measured after 5 hours of treatment. The substantial dose-dependent diuretic action has been reported. The start of diuretic activity was over 1 hour and lasted around 5 hours.


Tribes utilized Kigelia africana fruit for edema, cancer, rheumatism, snakebites, fevers, malaria, and syphilis, and an alcoholic beverage similar to beer.
Kigelia africana is also used in the treatment of skin diseases and traditional cosmetics preparations as a skin lightening agent, to reduce wrinkles, and to promote smooth skin. The ground fresh or dried fruits are formed into a paste and rubbed on the breast to treat “cancer” of the breast or abscess.


Wholesome Extracts of Kigelia africana and isolated compounds have been shown to possess
= antibacterial,
= antifungal,
= antineoplastic,
= analgesic,
= anti-inflammatory,
= antimalarial
= antiprotozoal
= antidiarrheal
= CNS stimulant activities.


Kigelia africana assist with fungal infections
Kigelia africana also assist with penis enlargement
Kigelia africana helps with serious skin ailments such as leprosy
Kigelia africana helps with skin ailments such as eczema, boils, and psoriasis
Kigelia africana gets rid of ringworm, tapeworm
Kigelia africana helps with postpartum hemorrhaging
Kigelia africana assist with diabetes
Kigelia africana gets rid of pneumonia
Kigelia africana helps with piles
Kigelia africana reduces toothache
Kigelia africana helps get rid of gonorrhea (using a decoction of bark)
Helps with rheumatism
Aphrodisiac qualities
High blood pressure


Powder: Take one tsp of dried powder in 8 oz. of favorite juice or smoothie, two times a day.
I recommend adding Kigelia Africana powder into clay and using it as a mask. Also, you can make an infusion, allow it to cool off, strain and rinse your hair and face in the shower, or drink it.
Capsules: Take 2-4 capsules a day with water or a favorite beverage.



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