How Often to Change Your Underwear According To Science


 A 2019 survey found that 45% of adults keep their underpants on for at least two days. In addition, 13% of those surveyed wore the same pair for a week or longer. I made the decision to research the reasons why it's crucial to promptly change your underpants.

Sweat, lipids, skin cells, and other substances that our bodies expel are absorbed and accumulated by clothing. For a number of reasons, wearing unclean underwear can be risky.

First off, such underwear frequently contains microbes and serves as a prime environment for the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi. And this could cause discomfort and infections in the body's sensitive areas.

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Second, wearing the same pair of underwear for an extended period of time might result in skin infections, clogged pores, rashes, or skin irritation.

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In order to avoid the buildup of sweat, bacteria, and other impurities, experts advise cleaning bras after a couple of wears and changing underwear daily.

It is advised to change your underwear more frequently in specific circumstances, such as after an intense workout or if you perspire a lot. Additionally, it is advised to change your underwear as soon as possible if it has become discolored, such as during your period. It is advised to replace worn-out underwear with new ones at least once a year and preferably more frequently, like every six months. Bras work in the same way.

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