14 Proven Ways To Destroy Any Arrogant Woman


Not to underrate women, but there are some women who think they are 10/10. They have this carrying confidence of not meeting anyone like them even in your next life or in a century millennium.

To any woman who will be reading this, you are going to be angry today. Do not let any woman think of herself or values better than yours. It is over when that happens.

Here are a few pointers to destroy any woman who thinks of herself better than you:

arrogant woman

1. Do not compliment her looks

Leave her to wonder why everyone sees her as a big deal and you don't. Don't be the regular guy who goes around "simping". Only compliment her when she does something and she does it right.

2. Never ask for commitment

This is a pull away move and it is mental. That's how it works. Know how to act in speech, over the phone or face to face. Don't let your actions speak volume of what you want with her.

This breaks her ego.

3. Do not seek her validation

There are guys out there making this mistake of buying compliments from ladies, or seeking the approval of their crushes in hopes of feeling they have a chance with them.

Don't ever do this! You rather build her ego.

4. Dress very nicely when you go out with her

The goal of this is to take the attention from her and give it to yourself. She's going to step up her game and compete with you.

Her ego is going to be so hurt.

5. Look at other women

Yes, take glances at other women. It's already creates a notion in her mind. A simple way to break her ego.

6. Never get jealous about other men around her

Yes, she's pretty and men are going to come around her. Anytime you show jealousy, it tells you are not confident and a better man can come and take her away.

Don't do this!

For the rest of the points, I want you to observe the effects for yourself.

7. Put your goals above hers

8. Never argue with her or get emotional.

Ask her to leave and tell her to come talk to you when she's all in her feelings.

9. Never go down on her

10. Chat her in your free time and make time for her once or twice a week.

11. Don't be so eager to be with her

12. Don't hit her up after you two have had a moment.

13. Be random when you text her, or leave her with blue ticks

14. Don't be excited on wanting to know her.

Disclaimer: This approach is for the bad and overly confident ladies.

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