4 Reasons Women Gain Weight After Marriage



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Most brides go on a weight loss diet to look stunning on their wedding day. After settling in their new home and adjusting to living with a new set of people, they tend to put on weight after marriage.

As a newlywed or someone married for some time, you might be wondering what the cause of your expanding waistline is. 

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 Here are some reasons. 

1. Change in eating habits

Before marriage, your body is used to some style of cooking in terms of the taste, the spices used, and so on but you are likely to change some or all of these to impress your husband or even your in-laws and adopt their cooking styles and methods because one of the things you will begin to do as a married woman will be cooking for your new family. 

Your body will begin to react to the changes in your cooking styles and methods by altering your digestive pattern and if it is an intercultural marriage, you might have to change your food habits completely.

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2. You become carefree

Before the wedding, you always cared about looking stunning, which means food portion control, hours in the gym, and so on. But after the wedding is over, and responsibility increases, your health begins to take a backseat. 

Most women no longer have time for their bodies. Their dieting goes for a walk, gym hour is replaced by cooking hour and some other things. 

3. Change in priorities

After the wedding, you will often have to let go of your choices and step down unlike when you were single when you could easily do whatever you wanted to. After marriage, you are often last on your list and your priorities begin to change. 

It’s either you are eating leftovers because you don’t want food to waste, or you are cooking your husband’s favorite dish. Household chores, managing work, kids, and so on can leave you feeling exhausted and indulging in cravings for lack of satisfaction from your meals which can put you on weight.

4. Eat out more often

After your wedding, you have the freedom to go out as you like. Most times, every weekend and sometimes, during the week. You also have several parties to attend to get to know family friends, relatives, extended family, and so on of which saying no is usually not an option.

With parties to attend here and there, one of your meals is outside food most of the time which is often low in nutrition and rich in calories. With time, all these soon reflect on your waistline.

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