7 Diseases Common In Elderly People


Some diseases normally afflict the elderly in this season of our lives. However, there are general tips to maintain, reverse, or prevent some of these diseases if you have them.

Some of the diseases that are common among old people may also be found among the younger generation, but they are more common among the older generation.

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According to WebMD in Surprising Health Challenges Of Aging, the following are some of the diseases that are common among older people:

1. Hypertension: Many elderly people are dealing with the problem of high blood pressure.

This should not be so. I believe that there are remedies for reversing hypertension, even though medical science says it is incurable.

2. Another problem we find most common among the older generation is diabetes. You may know somebody who is dealing with this kind of problem, or maybe you're the one. There is a way out.

3. There's another problem that afflicts the elderly, and that is arthritis. It's the kind of disease that affects the joints of the body. The shoulders, fingers, ankles, toes, and back. They are unable to walk properly because of arthritis. There are ways to prevent arthritis.

4. Another disease that is common among the elderly is insomnia. That is the ability to fall asleep or sleep for a long time. You sleep only two hours. You wake up and you sleep it off again.

If a person is sleep-deprived, that will lead to many other problems, including hypertension, for instance.

5. A condition known as osteoporosis, that is, loss of bone density, normally makes older people bend. They're unable to walk straight anymore because of weak bones.

When they walk, they fall easily and fracture their bones because the bones have become weak and thin and the density is no longer as strong as when they were young.

6. Another problem common among the elderly, especially women, is what we call menopausal problems.

When a woman has crossed her childbearing age and no longer menstruates, there are a lot of hormonal changes that take place in her body, so she begins to experience so many symptoms that she does not understand.

It is just the change in the season of life that is accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms that can be controlled if you understand properly.

It is more severe among women than among men. For women, it is called menopause. For men, it is called andropause.

7. As we grow older, another problem we notice is that our metabolism begins to get weaker. Your ability to digest food and assimilate the nutrients becomes weaker than when you were younger.

You will not discover that you can no longer accommodate three meals a day. You just become heavy because the food is not digested quickly enough.

When you understand that the rate of digestion slows with age, you will begin to reduce the number of times you eat to once or twice a day. That will be enough to sustain you rather than eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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