10 Health Factors That Affect Man's S3x Life


10 health factors  that affect man's s3x life

Many things can impact a man's s£x life. Stress and certain chronic conditions can interfere with your ability to have s£x. Unhealthy lifestyle habits can lead to problems getting or keeping an erection. However, by making some healthy lifestyle changes and treating underlying conditions, you can improve your s£x life and your quality of life in general.

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Here are 10 health factors that affect man's s3x life

1. Smoking

Smoking makes many health problems more likely, including heart disease. But men who smoke are also more likely to develop erectile dysfunction (ED). The toxins in cigarette smoke can also damage sperm. This can make it difficult or impossible to father a child. Quitting smoking can dramatically reduce the risk of these s£xual and reproductive health issues. If you smoke and you’re having trouble quitting on your own, ask your regular doctor or your public health department for help. Talking with ex-smokers may also give you more confidence. You can improve using  5 Natural Ways To Improve Your performance in Bed

2. Exercise

Being sedentary can lead to weight gain, and men who are overweight are more apt to have ED. On the flip side, exercise could improve your s£x life. Men who are physically active regularly may have better overall s£xual function. That's because exercise boosts your ability to have erections and orgasms. You may see improvement if you get at least two hours of vigorous activity each week. Men who get about six hours of light activity weekly could also experience these health benefits.

3. Heart problems 

Heart and the circulatory system could affect your s£x life too. When you engage in s£xual activity, your brain sends signals to nerves in your penis to increase blood flow. That creates an erection. But if you have issues like clogged arteries, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels, there could be a break in these signals. This can lead to ED.

4. Spinal Cord Injury

Some spinal cord injuries can affect your ability to have s£x. The injury can disrupt s£xual signals from the brain. Many men with a spine injury can still get an erection, but many of these men cannot ejaculate. Those who can still achieve orgasm may experience it differently than before their injury. The effect that a spinal cord injury has on your s£x life depends on where on the spine the injury occurred. How severe the injury is making a difference too.

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5 . Diabetes

Over time, diabetes can damage key nerves and blood vessels, especially if you have trouble controlling your blood sugar level. The damage can interfere with the blood supply to the penis. As a result, men with diabetes are much more likely than other men to have ED. They're also more likely to develop ED at a younger age than men who don't have diabetes. Good, consistent control of blood sugar levels is key to avoiding this and other diabetes complications.

6. Alcohol

Heavy drinking can hurt your s£x life. It affects the production of male hormones. This can lead to ED. Heavy drinking can also lead to infertility. It can cause you to lose facial and chest hair too. An unhealthy drinking habit can encourage risky s£xual behavior. For instance, men who drink heavily are more likely to have unprotected s£x or s£x with more than one partner. Abusing illegal drugs, like cocaine, can also increase your risk of ED.

7. Depression

Depression hurts a man's s£x drive. Men who are depressed may feel sad, hopeless, and irritable. They tend to lose interest in s£x. This loss of libido can make it harder for the brain to create an erection. Other emotional issues are also common causes of ED. These include stress, anxiety, and guilt. Even if depression or other feelings aren’t affecting your s£x life, it’s good to let your doctor know if you have persistent feelings of sadness, irritability, guilt, or anxiety. Seeing a counselor is another option. Many counselors specialize in men’s health and wellness. Check out these  15 Ways To Satisfy A Woman In Bed 

8. Medications

Certain medications may trigger a drop in testosterone levels. A low level of this key male hormone can cause you to lose interest in s£x. ED is also a side effect of some prescription medicines. These include some drugs to treat high blood pressure, depression, heartburn, and ulcers. If you experience s£xual side effects from medication, let your doctor know. You may be able to switch to a different drug.

9. Cancer

Both cancer and cancer treatments can lead to ED. Some men with cancer have problems ejaculating and reaching orgasm. Cancer treatment can affect your desire for s£x. Some s£xual side effects continue even after treatment ends. Treatment for prostate cancer, in particular, may affect the quality of men's s£xual intimate 


Just like anyone else stress does not only make a man lose interest in other pleasurable activities but also in love making. A man can perfom very poorly it is to do with the mind if it is not free s3x becomes something he thinks less. Stop putting your man in pressure.

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