Mahule in Lusaka: How Much They Charge Per Round


Lockdown came in with many changes but some things still stayed the same. Lusaka is still top when it comes to the ladies of the night (mahule). Below is a list of where these famous ladies operate from and the price range of what they charge.

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Mahule in Lusaka and other prices charge these prices and are found mostly in these areas.

See full list below:

Katete( chawama)- K10 to K20

Mukupa ( city market) -K10 to K20

Winka (Chibolya) -K5 to K15

Manfred (Chibolya) K10 to K50

mahopo K10- K20

Longacres K100 to K200

Club 99 ( Kanyama) K50 to K100

East point (Kabwata) K50 to K100

Clans (Kabwata) K20 to K50

CC Night club (Chawama) K10- K50

Tafela Nsoni (Kanyama) K30 to K80

Chitukuko ( Kanyama) K30 to K50

George Compound K50 to K70

Nothmead K100 to K200

Mayela (Kalingalinga) K50 to K100

Kabs mall (Kabulonga) K80 to K100

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Know that when you visit these places you might be raided by police and arrested as the act is not allowed in Zambia. Some clever individuals are hiding their operations as Heath Spas and Massage Parlours. We have seen a few of these Massage Parlours in Northmead, Olympia and Kabwata. I wonder how the Zambian Police will act to root out mahule from our Christian Nation. See the IMF deal with Zambia here

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  1. Kkkkk how can I find a hule plz help. I will fack her so nicely . I live in Makeni Lusaka

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