8 Signs That Your Girl Is Only Using You


 8 Signs That Your Girl Is Only Using You


It is important not to fall prey to the idea that emotional abuse is only experienced by women in romantic relationships. Numerous men are subjected to manipulation and abuse in their daily lives, but many are too afraid to come forward and admit their actions either to themselves or to others. Furthermore, a large number of the time, these males are utterly ignorant that they are being played by these cold-hearted and manipulative female characters. They always act on their own initiative because these abusive girls are so nasty and self-centered, and they don't care what implications their actions have on others. Don't allow yourself to be reduced to the status of a puppet incapable of perceiving the cords that control it. Determine whether or not you have the ability to protect your heart from the damaging abuse that women can inflict on you. If you meet the wrong woman, your love vision could be tainted and brought tumbling down, and you don't want that to happen to you.

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You must therefore build a sense of self-awareness when it comes to interpersonal interactions in order to be successful. Observing things from a more objective point of view takes the ability to look past one's own personal feelings, which is not always simple to achieve. When it comes to signs that your girlfriend is merely abusing and manipulating you, it's important to be vigilant. Whenever you become aware that she is not totally sincere in her feelings, it is time for you to interfere and assist her. So, to keep yourself safe, remember to exercise caution and keep an eye out for a few of these warning signs. Here are a few signs that your girl is in reality only utilizing you in the relationship for reasons other than her own romantic feelings:

1. She often asks you to purchase material stuff for her, and she never reciprocates the favor.

Her primary concern at this time is with the things that she will be able to receive from the relationship rather than with the things that she will be able to provide to the relationship. She uses you solely for all of the comforts and expensive toys that you can place on her lap, and she is uninterested in anything else that you have to offer. She appears to be uninterested in any of the emotional aspects of the relationship, which is understandable given her age and maturity. She is merely amused by the idea that you are a walking bank machine.

2. She goes out of her way to make certain that you do not have access to her messages and correspondence.

In order for you to understand how she truly feels about you, she will keep any evidence of her affection for you hidden from you. The odds are that she's already flirting with other men or that she's telling her closest friends about how miserable you are are as good as a sure thing.

3. She employs you as a chauffeur.

Given your current financial condition, you should most likely apply for a position with Uber, where you can earn some extra money while helping others. Despite the fact that she doesn't particularly enjoy spending time with you, she will require your assistance in bringing her to and from various occasions and errands.

4. She tells you about other men that she knows.

When it comes to other men, whether they are ex-boyfriends, friends, or coworkers, she is perpetually bringing them up in conversation. Most bizarre of all, if she were truly committed to you in the truest sense, she shouldn't be bringing up other men in the course of your conversations on a regular basis.

5. She rarely ever makes herself available to you until she is in desperate need of assistance.

When you try to ask her out on a date with someone else, she comes up with a never-ending list of excuses. Whenever she asks your assistance, she expects you to come at her side in lightning speed, fully prepared to attend to her every need from head to toe, no matter how urgent.

6. She is seldom the one to start a discussion.

You must always be the one to put up the necessary effort on your own behalf in order to establish a connection between the two of you. She never initiates communication with a text message. Calling her is almost impossible because she rarely, if ever, picks up the phone. She isn't interested in having a conversation with you in the slightest.

7.The physical aspect of your connection predominates over the emotional.

In comparison to dating, you engage in a greater number of hookups than dates. Keep in mind that she is under no obligation to take advantage of you in exchange for your time or financial support. She may also be using you just for the benefit of her own body, which is as as heinous as it is. Your treatment is one of being treated as if you are some sort of sexual object for her entertainment.

8, she does not even introduce you to any of her friends or family members.

It is only when she decides to keep you away from the most intimate aspects of her life that you can be assured that her feelings for you aren't genuine, as in the case of her marriage. Her real concern for you would prevent her from wanting to be the one who isolated you from the rest of society.

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