5 Things High Value Men Do, That Girls Find Attractive.

high value men attract women

 A high value man is someone that has built value for himself. They create a footprint that makes them stand out from other men, and that also makes them recognized and respected by society.

Women are attracted to these type of men because unlike the average man, high value men play a different game when dealing with women, and this game often keeps a woman hooked.

So do you want to know those things high value men do that women find attractive, then read on to find out.

Here are 5 Things High Value Men Do, That Girls Find Attractive.

1. They don't chase women: 

Chasing a woman is not a bad thing, but sometimes when you over chase a woman then she might begin to lose interest. High value men don't chase women, instead they chase their dreams while women chase them.

Although they still go after a woman they want, but they don't start disturbing her for attention instead they play it cool and just vibe out. When going after a woman it's not every time you have to chase, sometimes you have to lay back a little for that woman to chase you and if she do, then she probably likes you too.

A woman that does not like you would not put in any effort to get you, so even if you stop chasing her she might not care, and this is a great way to distinguish a woman that is into you and a woman that is not.

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2. They are not easily available: 

Some men are always available for a woman and while this is not bad, being too available might make a woman not value your presence that much. When you are always available to a woman, she might start getting bored of you and might hardly miss you as you are always there with her.

High value men are not always available, they are scarce so whatever time a woman gets to spend with them, they cherish a lot. While the average man might ask a woman when she would be available for a date, a high value man tells a woman when he is available for a date.

3. They have self respect: 

A high value man has respect for himself, he does not make a clown of himself in order to impress a woman. A lot of guys make this mistake as they allow love blind them, thereby letting a woman do as she pleases with them and when this happens, the respect that woman have for such men begin to die out.

Women respect high value men because they respect themselves, and they set certain boundaries that they don't let anyone cross.

4. They don't force things with women:

 Another thing about high value men is that they don't force things with women, they don't force a woman for relationships or for friendship. High value men flow with the way a woman responds to them, and they act accordingly.

If a woman shows them signs of interest then they go after her, but if a woman seems uninterested, then they respectfully back off and respect the woman's decision

5. They commit: 

Another thing about high value men that makes them different is that they know how to commit to their partners. Once a high value man gets in a relationship with a lady, he stays loyal to her for as long as they are together.

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