5 Reasons Why Your Husband May One Day Lose Interest in You


 When men start to lose interest in their women, some may look for a new relationship and others try to adjust with their existing partner. The first one is a sign of dishonesty because problems and conflicts are very common in any kind of relationship. But that doesn’t mean that people would look for a new person every time

Relationships can be improved with efforts and understanding. And that’s why people should know why men lose interests in their partner. You can then work on the bonding to make it better to bring the spark back.

Let’s explore and discuss why does a man lose interest in his wife and what you can do to salvage your bond after reaching this stage in your marriage.

Reasons husband lose interest in you

1. When you talk, there is more cribbing and less talking

It’s Saturday evening. The kids are asleep. You decide to have a drink or two. And you have time to talk. What do you discuss? In-laws and how they have been mean to you all this time? Tension and conflict at work? Whining about how a friend is on vacation while you are just busy attending to the kids?

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2. Complaining too much

This is one of the biggest reasons men start to lose affection for their wives. It’s no surprise that it’s way more enjoyable to be around someone who’s positive and understanding than it is to be with someone who’s complaining about every single thing. Because at the end of the when you come home after a long day,, the last thing that you want to hear is your wife screaming and complaining.

3. You're not supportive

You should always let your man know that you're riding for him, that you've got his back especially if he is one who's obviously doing his best to do right by you.

If your words and actions rarely show support or any interest in the things he holds dear, he might start to feel that you really do not care about him

4. Your insecurity

As a woman, if you're the type who constantly nags your man about other women and/or keeps a check on him and his phone every now and then, he'll know you're very insecure. Interrogating your man about his female friends and questioning his every move is going to make him lose interest in you eventually

5. You never appreciate anything he does

Why does a man lose interest in his wife? A lot of times, the reason can be as simple as him getting tired of trying to do his best yet never feeling like his efforts are good enough. All humans long for appreciation every once in a while. While women are more vocal and may seek out compliments on their own, men are not so open with their emotions. Lack of expression does not translate into a lack of emotions.

My Final Words

You must keep on appreciating the small things your husband does. Thank him for making your life easy in his little ways. Pass him a few thank you notes here and there. Appreciate him for being there for you.


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