5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Life Partner



5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Life Partner

When it comes to choosing life partners, many people make blunders. Some couples have no business cohabiting and having children simply because they believe it is the right thing to do. Some guys are still so entangled in their moms' apron strings that they have no idea what it takes to break free. They still want their mothers to control their households and leave their wives to the sidelines. Choosing a life mate is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. It has the potential to impact your eternal happiness or unhappiness for years to come.

 Here are some common blunders people make, either consciously or unintentionally, when making one of life's most important decisions:

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1. Marrying without a solid source of income is a risky proposition.

Some brothers without a stable source of income wish to marry because they believe they are of marriageable age or because all of their buddies are married. It's worth repeating that money is the leading cause of divorce, and that if you want your wife to appreciate you, you must be able to feed her. Before thinking about marriage, get a job.

2. Feeling compelled to marry

Society places a greater emphasis on settling down than on being with the right person. You're pushed to marry before you're too old, rather than when you meet the proper person. It's more acceptable to be married and unhappy by the age of 30 than to be unmarried and content. This society would rather you marry the wrong person before you reach a certain age than marry the right person later. For some people, the desire to be accepted by society often takes precedence over the desire to find a suitable life mate.

3. Getting married against God's will

We married our spouses after seeking God's advice via prayer and Godly counsel from believers we respected and trusted during our generation. People today no longer wish to seek God's face simply based on worldly factors such as beauty, education, or wealth. Mr. Right cannot be a person who does not have a well-paying career, drives an SUV, and lives in a duplex.

4. Assuming that marriage will change a person.

Another blunder made by some people when selecting life mates is expecting that marriage will transform them. If you believe that marriage is some sort of magical wand that will transform your partner, think again. Don't make a blunder with your life. Marriage, in fact, enhances a person's bad characteristics dramatically. Even if they had quit for the purpose of the wedding, if you despise smoking and he or she is a smoker, there's a strong chance they'd resume it.

5. Marrying someone solely because you love him or her

The hopeless romantic makes every attempt to be in love. He or she thinks that falling in love with someone is enough of a reason to marry them. He or she tends to overlook the practical aspects of a relationship and will cling to his or her love even if things with his or her spouse aren't going well. If they believe they've met their soulmate, this misconception typically causes them to make rash judgments.

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