5 Medical Reasons You Should Avoid Sleeping Next To Your Phone



5 Medical Reasons You Should Avoid Sleeping Next To Your Phone

According to a research by the Pew Internet Project, 65 percent of cell phone users sleep with their phones on their beds. Though others may use it for meditation or relaxation apps/music, the negative health implications of sleeping next to your phone have long been a source of debate. Below are 5 disadvantages of sleeping next to your phone.

1. Sleep disturbance.

We assume it will ring, beep, or vibrate because it is a device. Only a few people are untouched by the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) condition, which makes them want to check their phones long after they've decided to sleep. As a result, most of one's naptime is spent in REM (Rapid Eye Movement), which is a precursor to deep sleep.

2. Increases brain activities.

Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been demonstrated to damage the blood-brain barrier, resulting in albumin leakage in the brain, according to scientific studies. The phone's wireless waves even speed up the brain's blood glucose activity.

3. Might cause cancer.

This debate begins with engineers deciding on acceptable SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) parameters for phone radiation. Despite the lack of solid scientific proof that mobile phones cause cancer, a number of researchers have stated the opposite, prompting the WHO to issue a discretionary disclaimer to keep cell phones away from children.

4. Reproductive malfunctions.

Electromagnetic radiation exposes pregnant moms to the possibility of undiscovered genetic abnormalities in the embryo. It can lead to a decrease in sperm count and quality in males.

5. Fire incident.

Many people are so enamoured with their cellphones that they sleep with them under their pillows. As a result of this practise, there have been reports of pillows being set on fire.

The teen from Texas who awoke to a burning stench in July 2014 is the most well-known case. Her Samsung Galaxy S4, which was hidden beneath her pillow, burnt her sheet and mattress.


While you're asleep, try leaving your phone in another room. Alternatively, if you need your phone in your room for the alarm clock, make sure it's at least three feet away.

You probably won't notice much of a change if you sleep with your phone a little more away from you. However, it will aid in your ability to get asleep, stay asleep, and sleep well. A decent night's sleep is critical in today's fast-paced society.

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