4 Everyday Habits That Can Affect Your Love Life


Some daily practices can make you limp during or after having intimacy. These habits can affect your s£xual desire and your performance in bed. 

Here are those habits:

1. Low libido

Habits  Love Life

This is one of the most common habits that cause low s£x drive. It can be caused by poor nutritional choices. You can increase your bedroom performance by eating more aphrodisiac foods like bananas, oysters, strawberries, dark chocolates. These foods are high in zinc and magnesium.

2. Over-masturbation

Performing self-stimulation too frequently during the day can lead to exhaustion and other health issues. According to some researches, masturbation should be limited to 2-3 times a day. If you do it more frequently than that, you may develop difficulties such as flaccid manhood, and a decreased intimacy drive. 

3. Rise insulin levels

Eating too much sugar during the day can cause your body's insulin ( or blood sugar) levels to rise. This can make you feel more sluggish. Insulin has recently been found to elevate oestrogen levels in men, resulting in reduced libido and, in severe cases, erectile dysfunction.

4. Stress

When levels of stress reach dangerously high levels, it can make you limp and impair your bed performance. You can contact a doctor to know more about stress.

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