3 Things To Do instead of Chasing Women



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3 Things To Do instead of Chasing Women.

So, you have been chasing women around as if you have no other things to focus on, but it still never seems to work for you right?

Sometime what we really focus on in this life never seems to favor us but we are still expected to push forward even harder.

This case a little bit different when it comes to relationships. The worded thing you should ever do with your time is to use it in chasing Women.

Now, we are going to tell you what you can do with your time instead of chasing women around as if you have nothing to do.

1. Look for a Job or start a business.

Well, business and jobs helps you attain financial needs in your life. Now, you have to know that money is so much important.

Everything you do in this life has money connected to it and you have to use money and solve it.

In that case, you have to realize that everything revolves around money. Even to get that girlfriend, you have to first have money.

In that case, instead of chasing women, which will never help you solve other problems, it is better to look for a Job or a business.

2. Take care your own personal needs.

Yeah, your should always be given the first priority because it is only you who can understand yourself better.

Nobody will come to help you solve those needs, you have to strong to yourself and maybe know how to make things work.

Instead lf wasting time chasing women, why don't you improve your dressing style? Remember, women is not guaranteed to be around you forever.

But if you can master the art of being smart, then you will forever be valued In the society so do it.

3. Take care of your parents.

The next thing you need to put in mind after taking care of yourself is the parents and how you can take care of them.

It is better to hear, “Thanks my son” than to hear, “Thanks babe”. The first one comes with blessings while the second one is just an appreciation.

So you have to be careful with what you do around. Remember, the parents have been there for you since you were just a small kid and.they never gave up on you.

How but that woman, who knows the day and time when she will turn her back on you and forever never even think about you?

That is why we are saying, you should avoid chasing women do something better with your time.

We hope that makes sense to you, follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and comment.

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