13 sweet words that will make any Lady fall in love with you



sweet words that will make any Lady fall in love with you

Ladies are naturally attracted to hearing nice remarks on a daily basis. Any Lady of your choice will be within reach if you always use the appropriate words at the appropriate times. You must exercise caution in order not to come out as too upfront or formal. Here are some of the beautiful words that you should be able to pronounce.

1. You have an Angel's eyes.

2. You have the most beautiful cheekbones I have ever seen in my life.

3. Your curves and edges are equally as attractive as your body.

4. I appreciate you being a part of my life.

5. Do you think you're an angel? Because it appears that you have fallen from the sky

6. You have the eyes of a dove.

7. You're such a beautiful piece of art

8. I had the distinct impression that I had known you for years the instant I lay eyes on you.

9. When I'm in your company, I feel like I'm caught in time! Two hours is a fraction of a second.

10. I'm a picky person, but you're exactly my kind.

11. Your presence always brings a ray of sunshine into the room.

12. Being with you has been like taking a vacation.

It is possible to make any lady progressively fall head over heels in love with you if you know how and when to utilize the words listed above. The secret is that the more you use those flattering words, the more she will like you and vice versa. And it will get to the point where she will be head over heels in love without even realizing how she arrived at that conclusion.

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